Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is undoubtedly the most important day in the faith and life of Christians. This is the day when we celebrate that Jesus was raised from the dead to new life. This Sunday forms the basis of our understanding of what God did (and still does) for us through the death and life of Christ.
This is a day that we celebrate with more festive music, often including trumpets. We decorate our worship space with Easter lilies and other flowers. We celebrate Holy Communion where God’s promises through Christ are remembered and shared through the elements of bread and wine.

In the early church, Easter Sunday was the time when new members were baptized and shared in Holy Communion for the first time. The worship time was the final act in a night-long vigil, ending at sunrise. Some congregations still hold services at sunrise, or at least early in the morning.

Season of Easter

Easter isn’t only one day. The season of Easter extends for 50 days, ending on Pentecost Sunday. During the season of Easter, we continue to celebrate the promise of new life that we have through Christ. We also talk a lot about baptism. Through the ancient practice of baptism, water and God’s word combine to bring us forgiveness, faith, grace, and to surround us with a community that help us on our path as Christians. But more than anything, baptism brings us to share in the death and new life of Christ.

Because Jesus is at the center of this promise, we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday in the Season of Easter. Through Bread and wine, we experience Jesus’ forgiveness, grace, and love all over again. We are strengthened in faith to believe in the promise of new life that Jesus gives.

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