Beginning fifty days after Easter, the Christian Church celebrates the Season After Pentecost. It is a season that starts with one of the most important days of the Church calendar – the Day of Pentecost.

Pentecost Sunday

The Day of Pentecost is recorded in the bible in Acts 2:1-21 and is widely thought to be the official beginning of the Christian Church. It was in that event that God sent the Holy Spirit to lead and empower God’s people to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all nations. It was the point where God again invited all believers to join in God’s mission in the world.

The Season After Pentecost

The season after Pentecost is the longest season in the church year and stretches until the season of Advent in late November or early December. Throughout the Season after Pentecost we reflect on Jesus’ life and ministry as an example of how God’s mission is lived out in the world. We take time to learn how we can also live out God’s mission in our own lives and how we can follow Jesus more closely. The colour of the season is green to remind us that, like nature around us which is blossoming and growing, the Season after Pentecost is a season of intentional growth in our faith and discipleship. It is a season where we learn to see how, as Jesus puts it, “the kingdom of God has come near.”

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