May 12, 2019
by Candace Kostna, Family Ministry Coordinator

There are many milestones – those meaningful and memorable moments – that we as individuals and families have experienced, continue to experience, and will experience throughout our lives. Some are developmental, like a baby learning to walk and talk. Some are lifecycle milestones, like becoming parents, going to school, getting your driver’s license, graduation, moving out, starting a career, and retirement. Some are rhythm of life milestones, like birthdays, anniversaries, the first day of school each year, family gatherings and vacations. We also experience faith community milestones – baptism, receiving a bible at the start of Confirmation, affirming our baptism on Confirmation Sunday.

So how do all of these different types of milestones fit into our lifelong journey of faith? Well, it’s easy to see our connection to God through baptism, receiving a bible and affirming our baptism. But what about the rest? Is God present at those times in our daily lives, as well?  The answer is YES! YES, GOD IS! So how can we share this good news across our generations and recognize God’s presence in everyday life?

One of our faith formation practices is intentionally recognizing milestones to nurture our children’s faith. Here at SPLC, we have been developing a milestone ministry based on ideas from Milestones Ministry.  This includes recognizing Baptisms, starting Kindergarten, the blessing of the backpacks at the beginning of each school year, beginning Confirmation class, Affirmation of Baptism, and graduation during our worship services. We come together as the body of Christ. Individuals reaching the milestone receive a blessing and a small token to remember this moment in their life journey.

By acknowledging these sacred and ordinary events, we are sharing our faith with our children that God is with them in their daily lives. We are showing our young people that our faith community cares for and is praying for them. In turn, we can share our own milestone experiences and build cross+generational relationships.

May we continue to see these opportunities for us to experience God’s love in our faith community and our daily lives.

Together we grow in faith!

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