We want to say congratulations to Janet, our Music Coordinator, on 25 years serving our congregation!

Over the course of her ministry, Janet has been involved in singing, playing, leading the choir, starting a worship band, planning worship, and working closely with other staff and volunteers to ensure that our worship (and music, particularly) is the highest quality.

Janet still brings many gifts to this ministry, and we thank her for her faith, dedication, and commitment to serving God and serving our congregation.

Thanks, Janet!

  1. January 24, 2017

    Thank you for this recognition. It is my pleasure to serve in music ministry at SPLC. It is easy for time to slip by when we have such wonderful musicians and good-hearted people to work with. This milestone is an acknowledgement of our teamwork in our music ministry at SPLC (which has been over 50 years strong) and God’s loving guidance along the way.

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