June 22, 2019
by Candace Kostna, Family Ministry Coordinator

As I write this blog post, I am sitting on my deck (aka my summer workspace). I feel the warmth of the sunshine, hear the birds chirping, and am enjoying my morning cup of coffee. 😊 I see how the trees have filled with leaves, plants growing and the air is filled with the scents of the flowers in the neighbourhood… Isn’t God’s creation amazing?

My garden has mostly perennials. In particular, I have quite a few hostas, which my husband, Dallas affectionately(?) calls weeds…haha.  Each spring I watch and wait for the hostas to peek up through the ground for another growing season. This spring was quite cool, so it took more time for my hostas to sprout.  I was actually beginning to wonder if they’d appear. Yet, over the past few weeks, we’ve experienced warmer weather and some rain. Lo and behold, the hostas began to grow and fill my garden.

HostasToday I see the hostas flourishing, especially the ones along the deck. It looks like we will have another “hosta takeover” this year. (We came up with this term to describe the garden a couple of years back).

It’s hard to believe a few weeks ago, these plants were barely peeking out of the ground!

We are now in the Season after Pentecost – the longest season of the church year. From now until the season of Advent, we take time to reflect on Jesus’ life and ministry and learn how we too can live out God’s mission for the world. The colour of the season is green which reminds us that like the plants and trees around us, this is a time for growing in our faith.

So how does our faith grow like the plants and trees around us? At one of last year’s Family Events, we planted a flower and talked about this. Our conversation included how:

  • Plants need soil. Our “soil” is Christ who nurtures & supports us with peace, love & wisdom. (John 15:4)
  • Plants need sunlight. The Bible is our sunlight. It guides & comforts us. (Psalm: 119:105).
  • Plants need water. We are united in baptism. God didn’t intend for us to grow alone, but to be there to encourage each other in Christ. (Matthew 18:20-22)
  • Plants need care. What are some ways that we serve and care for others? (1 Peter 4:10)

 Adapted from: http://www.faithgateway.com/spiritual-gardening-lesson-for-kids/#.WvSJE4gvzic

As we tend to our gardens and enjoy the outdoors over the next few months, may we all be inspired by the green around us to grow in our faith as followers of Jesus.

Together we grow in faith!

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