November 4, 2018
by Candace Kostna, Family Ministry Coordinator

How are devotions part of our life of faith? Ummm…devotions? Yes, devotions – taking time to pray, to read the bible, and to reflect on God’s presence in our lives as disciples of Jesus. Isn’t that what we do when we worship together as a faith community?

Yes, worship is a part of our Christian life, but that is only an hour or so of the 168 hours in a week. How do we experience God’s presence in the other 167 hours of the week which are filled with work, school, family activities, chores, and so on?

When we take time for devotional practice, we are connecting the message of Jesus and God’s grace to our daily lives. We are being created and recreated by the work of the Holy Spirit. This faith practice can include:

  • morning prayer to start your day
  • table grace at meal times
  • reading the bible
  • sharing bible stories with our children
  • praying for and with others – any time, any place
  • evening/bedtime prayer to end your day

These are all opportunities for God to be at work in our lives. Developing a devotional practice takes an intentional effort on our part and is important as we grow in our faith. In turn,  when we share our devotional practices with our children, grandchildren, youth and others, we are connecting our generations with faith, hope and love – the gospel of Jesus – in our ever-changing world.

As we continue to grow in our devotional practices at home and in our faith community, may we all remember:

“A personal and family devotional life can take place at any place, at any time, and in any way that works. The point is that devotional time works best as a practice, a discipline that one consciously enters” *

Together we grow in faith!


*from the book: Frogs Without Legs Can’t Hear: Nurturing Disciples in Home and Congregation by David Anderson and Paul Hill

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