As a charitable organization, we rely on countless volunteers to give their time, expertise, and dedication. Our volunteers are the ones who allow us to do the things we do – from worship to serving the community; playing music to cutting the grass.
However, some volunteers put in a significant amount of time in coordinating these activities. We also employ some people with specific skills to plan, coordinate, and oversee many of the things required. We consider all of them staff. Here is our staff, and the areas they are responsible for. If you have questions about anything that they do, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rev. Erik Parker

204 661 3947

Cheryl Hemmett

Leadership Chair

Mary Snyder

Church Administrator

Lisa VanDijk

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Janet Giese

Music Ministry Coordinator

Corey Francis

Pianist / Organist

Candace Kostna

Family Ministry Coordinator