Ministries are the things we do outside of worship – our activities within the church, within our community, and around the world. Some ministries are named for a specific group that they serve, and some ministries are identified by the people who take part in the ministry. Below you will find examples of the various ongoing ministries in and by Sherwood Park Lutheran Church.

Family Ministry

All ages worshiping and serving together.

What it looks like

We worship together as families. Instead of sending our kids away for Sunday school, we share a worship experience and then provide resources and encouragement for parents to take an active role in their child’s faith formation at home. We also encourage all of our members to act as an ‘extended family’, helping to pass on faith to our younger generation.

The result? A cross-generational congregation that grows together and supports each other in faith.

Music Ministry

Expressing faith through song.

What it looks like

We have a varied and quality music program at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church. We sing often during our worship services. We have a choir that leads us regularly. We have two bands who lead worship using piano and guitars. And each month you will hear the organ played during our traditional worship service (see our What to Expect page for a more about worship styles at Sherwood Park). Throughout the year you can expect to hear flutes, percussion, trumpet, even classical harp.

The result? A congregation who expresses their faith through music and people who share God-given talents with our community.

Youth Ministry

A place for teens to grow in faith.

What it looks like

While we try to have families grow in faith together, it’s also important for our teens to have their own time and space. Our youth group meets regularly for fun activities and to grow in faith. They serve in various way in the community – at Canadian Lutheran World Relief, Winnipeg Harvest, and other organizations. They take part in an intentional faith education program known as ‘confirmation’, and they regularly take on leadership and assisting roles in worship. Every two years they gather with Lutheran and Anglican youth at a national gathering called CLAY.

The result? Teens who have a supportive community of friends where they can learn to trust God and serve God’s creation.

Check out the calendar for upcoming youth events.

Men’s Breakfast

Building relationships and faith over a meal.

What it looks like

Our men’s breakfast group meets once per month for breakfast and conversation at a local restaurant. The topics of conversation vary, this is a place to talk about where their faith leads. This group picks a service project each year and raises money to help the ministry of Luther Village Camp.

The result? A group of men who are more connected, supported, and faithful.

Small Groups

Coming Soon! Intentional small groups for building community and faith.

What it looks like

Our small groups will be made up of people from different ages and backgrounds. Led by laypersons within our congregation, these groups will meet regularly outside the church for prayer, study, social time, and service. Some of the groups will be interest-based, and some will be study groups. Whatever they look like, they will help us to talk about and live out our faith as it intersects with our everyday lives.

The result? Through this process, the people in our small groups will grow in faith and be more able to see where God is in their lives.

Bible Study

Digging deeper into God’s word.

What it looks like

This group meets monthly with the pastor to study and have conversation around matters of faith, theology, and the biblical story. Studies will often look at a specific book of the bible over a few months. Sometimes we will look at contemporary topics and see how the bible shows God’s activity in similar circumstances. Some studies will look more deeply at a teaching or theology that has shaped the Christian church into what it looks like today.

The result? Men and women who come to know the biblical story and God’s action in the world even more.

Check out the calendar for our next meeting.