October 22nd was Confirmation Sunday at SPLC. Our Senior Confirmands shared their faith statements and affirmed their baptism, marking a milestone in their faith journey.

I have spent the past several weeks offering guidance and support to our senior confirmands with writing faith statements, organizing a service project and keeping track of the details of Confirmation Sunday – the photos, the flowers, the albs, etc. –  you should see the checklist!

As I sat in the pew on Sunday, I found myself reflecting on this whole experience. The last few weeks were hectic with organizing all the details, and hoping that all will go well. Did I forget anything? Wait, what about… oh, make a note of that for next year….

I finally turned off my organizer brain and sat back to listen to these five young people’s faith statements. What I heard was inspiring! They each connected their chosen bible verse to their life experiences and how God is part of their lives. We heard about the times when they felt God’s presence in their biking escapades, or in math class. We heard about how their experiences in worship, what they learned in Confirmation class, and participating in youth group has shaped their faith. We heard about having the opportunity to serve others in need opened their eyes to the blessing they have. We heard how their family – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents –  have passed on their faith to them and have made church part of their lives.

I soon began to see an underlying theme within all of the faith statements – the importance of relationships within a faith community. Each one of the Senior Confirmands acknowledged the people who have influenced their faith. Not only have their family members played a significant role, but also people in our SPLC faith community are important to these five young people. They talked about how their friendships with other youth and how their Confirmation leaders sharing knowledge have helped them grow in faith.  They talked about how when they come to church and someone simply says “hello” and asks them about their week gives them a sense of belonging. They all feel part of the SPLC faith community.  The power of building faith relationships is amazing!

Thank you to all who helped our Confirmation Sunday celebration come together:

  • Ward E. for being our photographer and videographer
  • The Senior Confirmands’ parents for the flowers on the altar
  • Eleanor G. for preparing the banner
  • Liz W. for preparing the certificates
  • Karen P. for preparing the albs
  • Caitlin and Dallas for the behind the scenes photos
  • The Band, which included youth from Abundant Life
  • The Gr. 7-10 Confirmation class for making the crosses for the Sr. Confirmands
  • The youth for serving as worship assistants
  • Lisa and Tiffany for coffee fellowship

Confirmation Sunday is not a graduation, rather it’s a stop on our life-long journey as disciples of Jesus. These soon-to-be young adults have affirmed their baptism and will continue to grow in faith as part of our faith community. How can you play a role in the faith development of our children, youth, young adults, and even older adults? Where do you see opportunities for us to support each other and grow in faith together?

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